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Saving Escape started as a basement project in 2014. The band, who at the time were mutual friends and students of the O’Keefe Music Foundation, decided to take their lessons one step further. 

Beginning with cover songs, SE started honing their craft. After a few years, their desire to be identified as an original band grew. Writing their own music became an undying passion, drawing inspiration from some of the most prominent rock bands in history. Their sound is a mix of bluesy riffs, thunderous bass and drums, and penetrating vocals. “Indigo Road” is the band’s first release.

Old Soul is the first EP release with tracks “Indigo Road”, “Rhyme or Reason”, “Pull Me Down”, “Weatherman”, and “Revelation”. The EP is currently available on CDBaby.com and available on major streaming platforms soon.

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Live at Bunbury Music Festival